Арендовали яхту?, Спланируйте еду..., ...напитки и хозтовары, Всего 3 шага, 1: Укажите людей, 2: Укажите сколько дней, 3: Отредактируйте блюда, Мы считаем продукты..., ...и везём на яхту

What do you get?

Stages of emergence of yacht provisions:

1. You order using your computer or smartphone

2. We collect and send the order to the supplier

3. The supplier delivers to your Marina

4. The employee meets the delivery and waits for You

5. All provisions are loaded on Board

Yachtering marina Salerno

Share order

Let everyone make an Order according to his taste. The organizer creates an order and enters the names of each participant. The organizer can then send a link to edit the order to each team member. Each participant chooses his own dishes. Yachtering® will calculate the desired products.

This will allow you to spend a weekend on the yacht having the optimal set of food for each crew member and enjoy the time on the yacht and your vacation.
The entire menu is divided into dishes. It is very simple to choose the dishes, not the food that the dishes consist of. You will be able to get all the necessary elements to prepare those dishes that you love.

Yachtering® is a new system that allows you to collect collective Orders for groups of people.

Convenient for you and everyone

Delivered boxes

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Quality assurance

All food comes in the manufacturer's packaging and with the manufacturer's label. Yachtering delivers food on the same day and directly from the warehouse in Which you arrive on the yacht.

Order verification

Your order is packaged separately. You can easily check all the products you ordered.


You can use the service in a large number of marinas. Delivery will be made directly to the boat.

The freshness of the food

The food vendor collects Your order on Saturday morning. It is also if you bought the products in the store yourself.

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Yachtering marina Salerno

About Yachtering®

Yachtering is fast, smart and convenient food delivery service for yachtsmen. Fleets and charters trust our services and experience. We deliver special food sets and household sets for using on yacht.
We are work with naval tourists since 2015. We know everything about eating and drinking on board at holidays and provide people with the good products. You can order our pre-made sets which include everything you might need. Simply indicate the number of persons and days on board and you'll get the necessary amount of provisions (food, alcohol and household items on yacht). Yachtering carries out delivery directly on deck of yacht.
The quality for all products is guaranteed by Metro group (the largest supplier in Europe).

Do not waste your holidays for shopping – just save one more day of sailing!

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